Energy Technology

Energy technology is a growing market. To cover the world’s growing energy demand sustainably, we need new technologies focussed on efficiency, environmental compatibility and service life.

Power generation and distribution for reliable grids

Without the effective and environmentally friendly generation, distribution and storage of energy, be it electrical, physical or chemical, our future infrastructure cannot be shaped. Our common prosperity – all the way to mobility – will depend on this. In addition to renewable energies, fossil fuels are also of great importance in this regard. We offer comprehensive solutions for the coal and lignite mining as well as oil and gas industries.

For example, we supply seals, guides and moulded parts for generators, turbines, pumps, pipelines, valves, fittings and ball valves, various energy storage systems and other components for all areas of power plant construction. We also supply flexible separators for large electrical transformers, as well as insulators and other elements made of compound fabric laminates with high dielectric strength and tracking resistance.


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