Dosing and bonding technology

The modern manufacturing of today's products, the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology would no longer be conceivable without modern dosing and bonding technology. Our innovative sealing systems withstand high temperatures, abrasive media, high switching frequencies and extreme chemical stress.

From the bonded windscreen to drug dosage

The precise dosing of liquid, pasty or abrasive media is the basis of many modern manufacturing processes and process chains. From bonding a windscreen to dosing vaccines - from the homogeneous application of a liquid sealant to potting electronic components or dosing culture media in biotechnical processes. For many years, we have been dealing with sealing systems for trouble-free processes under difficult conditions and with the most diverse methods of feeding and dosing technology.

For application heads or dosing pistons, for example, we supply sealing systems based on elastomers, thermoplastics or plastics - from prototypes to series production. These sealing systems are often individually tailored to customer requirements and applications. In many cases, it is not only the medium that is important, but also the type of container. Seals with special properties are needed for different drum shapes. High chemical resistance is achieved here with FEP-coated O-rings, and large sealing gaps are often sealed with inflatable moulded seals. Here, too, we have a wide range of different materials at our disposal.


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