Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

Intelligently controlled machines and systems and modern information technology would be inconceivable without semiconductors and other components. Our products can be found in all areas of manufacturing – right up to use in plasma etching processes.

From wafer production to SMD board

From power electronics, which regulate even the largest currents and voltages, to the control of smartphone displays – without a robust thyristor, an SMD component or a CPU with several billion transistors, this would not be possible. The production of electronic components is the basis for this. We supply to the complete electronics industry – from production to the automated assembly of circuit boards.

For this, we supply components made of high-purity materials that are extremely resistant to temperature and chemicals, and develop individual sealing solutions for EMI/EMC shielding. Our sealing systems and moulded parts, e.g. made of FFKM and fluorosilicone, can be found in wafer production under clean room conditions, in wet processes and in demanding plasma etching processes, among others.


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