Mining and Tunnelling

Many machines and systems perform excellent work underground. Our heavy-duty and robust sealing systems can be found in almost all applications – from concrete pumps to tunnelling machines.

From the extraction of raw materials to metro shafts

Today’s energy production and raw material extraction and our mobility would be virtually inconceivable without mining and tunnelling. We have been supplying and producing a wide range of seals, wipers, guides and special solutions for this sector since the beginnings of the company. We develop special solutions up to several metres in diameter for vertical and horizontal drilling technology, anchor technology and ventilation technology, and supply solutions for all common types of lining especially for the underground mining of hard coal, ores and salts.

From complete sealing systems for highly stressed hydraulic rams to pump seals made of highly wear-resistant polyurethane and fabric-reinforced elastomers for abrasive media such as slurry and concrete. But also pneumatic and hydraulic compression and lifting cushions in a wide range of dimensions and labyrinth seals for blowers.


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