Wiper 1S0

The PTFE wiper 1S0 is particularly suitable for applications in which outstanding low friction and good resistance to high temperatures and aggressive media are required. A wide range of PTFE compounds for the sliding ring and elastomers for the prestress element makes the 1S0 wiper ideal for these applications and adaptable to a wide variety of media and operating conditions. The low breakaway/sliding friction ensures smooth movement even at low speeds. Depending on profile width and diameter, installation in closed and undercut housings is possible.

Application Range
Temperature: -30 °C/+100 °C
Max. temperatures dependent on selected o-ring material: -60 °C or +200 °C
Sliding Speed: ≤ 4 m/s
Standard materials: PTFE-Compound/Elastomere

Other materials are available for very high or very low operating temperatures. For detailled information, please look at the specific PDF catalogue or contact our application engineers.

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