Double Wiper 1AQ

The wiper 1AQ is particularly suitable for applications in which a flush housing end is to be achieved and a particularly good wiping effect to the outside and inside as well as a reduction of the residual oilfilm is required. It is also suitable for applications where a tight fit in an open housing and protection of the metal cage against corrosion is required.

Design: The double wiper consists of a NBR wiper ring and a metal cage which is firmly connected to it and which is completely encased in NBR. It has two elastic lips of which one acts as a wiper lip and one as a sealing lip. The sealing lip also reduces the residual oil film by wiping it inwards.

Application Range
Temperature Hydraulics: -30 °C / +100 °C
Temperature Pneumatics: -35 °C / +80 °C
Sliding Speed: ≤ 2 m/s
Standard Material: NBR

Other materials are available for very high or very low operating temperatures. For detailled information, please look at the specific PDF catalogue or contact our application engineers.

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