Compression and Lifting Cushions

are mainly used to lift loads, but also for functions such as clamping, blocking, pressing, damping, gripping, guiding, pushing, positioning, etc.

Pneumatic Compression and Lifting Cushions

They can be inflated with air or fluids such as water, oil or glycol. Due to their flexibility, they can be easily integrated into existing systems and into small housings. Standard designs such as square, rectangular or round are produced. The product range includes multi-stage cushions for large strokes, ring cushions for clamping and sealing cylindrical moulds as well as complex special shapes that are manufactured according to the specific application in question.

Other applications include lifting and positioning heavy loads and gripping sensitive components. Various materials for the food industry or temperature-sensitive applications are available. Due to the individual design of the connections and fastenings, we can react flexibly to customer requirements.


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