Rotary Seals and Shaft Seals

are found in all rotating parts from miniature applications to large and heavy machinery. They come in a wide variety of materials and versions.

Rotary Seals and Shaft Seals

Shaft seals seal machine housings at exiting shafts against the environment. Radial shaft seals can seal from the inside or outside. Whether standard products (also in accordance with standards such as DIN ISO 3760) or pressurisable customer-specific special developments, our products can be found in gears, large bearings for heavy machinery such as those found in rolling mills and wind turbines, and many other applications. Axial shaft seals include, for example, V-rings and mechanical face seals.

As a supplier of non-contact seals, we offer labyrinth seals for non-pressurised applications. Rotary seals are mainly used for sealing rotary transmission leadthroughs, e.g. in rotating assemblies and pivot drives. Our low-friction rotary seals stand out for their low breakaway forces and avoid stick-slip effects. The special shape of the dynamic sealing surface prevents the seal from running dry.


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