The Company

More than 50 years’ experience

Our work in all fields of sealing and plastics technology is based on technical know-how and entrepreneurial passion. Our products cover almost every field of use – from mini pneumatic applications to heavy-duty hydraulic systems and from the chemical industry and plant engineering to offshore wind farms. We use our experience continuously to improve and optimise our growing range of products.

Quality is standard

In order to simplify production processes and spare resources, the demands placed on technical components are growing daily. The consistent quality of our seals and plastic components contributes to troublefree operation in many branches of industry and helps our customers avoid production downtimes. Our object is to manufacture perfect products in compliance with our EN ISO 9001-certified quality management system.

Experiments safeguard quality

We conduct laboratory tests to acquire important insights into the reliability and durability of our products. Our investigations of raw materials, semifinished and finished products make us independent and flexible in this area too.

Chemical and physical tests

High temperatures and aggressive and reactive media pose a challenge for sealing technology. Not only in the chemical industry, but also in many applications in mechanical and plant engineering. To gain deeper insights into the capabilities of our products, we also run laboratory tests in this demanding field. We simulate extreme temperatures and pressures in experiments to test operating conditions on oil rigs in the polar circle or in hydraulic plants at the Equator.

Product development

The growing pace of development of industrial products necessitates increasing flexibility in procurement and production. Our comprehensive range of manufacturing possibilities with various production processes allows us to design and manufacture plastic components from a variety of materials in the shortest of times.

Own tool-making shop

Small details often decide on the reliable operation of components. This is particularly true in sealing technology. Long experience in linking of tool-making and production operations allows us to implement economical solutions for even complex geometries.

Machining precision

The universal manufacturing possibilities and a high degree of precision make machined parts particularly interesting for small series, repairs and prototypes. And a large stock of semi-finished products also helps to optimise our production.

Ecology and economy

Judicious use of valuable resources and reductions in emissions will play an ever greater role in the future. Reliable seals protect the environment and save costs because they prevent discharge of liquids or gases and thus contamination of water, air and ground. In this way they make a valuable contribution to environmental protection and more profitable products and equipment.

Code of Ethics

We at Techno Parts GmbH consider ourselves to be a company that exercises its social responsibilities. For example, respecting human rights and defined labour standards, as well as promoting environmental protection and fighting corruption, are seen as integral to the Techno Parts corporate culture and are therefore regarded as our corporate duty.
To fulfil this responsibility, Techno Parts has undertaken a voluntary commitment to this Code of Ethics, which serves as a set of guidelines and underpins our entire corporate conduct.

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Business Partner Code of Conduct

Techno-Parts is committed to ethical, lawful and socially responsible corporate management. It expects the same behaviour of all those with whom Techno-Parts conducts its business relations. Furthermore, Techno-Parts endeavours to optimise the sustainability of its corporate undertakings and its products continuously and encourages its business partners to be part of this endeavour.

This Business Partner Code of Conduct sets out the requirements that are expected of suppliers, sellers and business partners with respect to compliance with legislation and regulations, bribery and corruption, terms of employment and social benefits, child labour and the environment. Techno-Parts’s aim is to collaborate with its business partners to ensure compliance with these requirements.

At the same time, it requires its business partners for their part to ensure that their employees, contractors, sub-contractors and their own business partners, with whom they collaborate for the supply of goods and services to Techno-Parts, comply with these requirements.

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