Hydraulic systems are found in almost all areas of modern machinery and vehicle construction. We supply a wide variety of seals, wipers and guide elements for practically every application in fluid technology.

Reliable power for plants and vehicles

Highly resilient components with a wide variety of properties are found in modern fluid technology. They are used in almost all areas of mechanical engineering and vehicle construction. As seals, wipers, guide elements, flexible separators or lifting cushions. And for practically every application, such as pressure accumulators, pumps or cylinders for large and heavy machinery.

From lip seals with low friction to particularly extrusion-resistant, multi-part rod seals for extreme pressure peaks – from fabric-reinforced compact seals for high pressures to complete pistons for low-pressure hydraulics. In addition to function and reliability, the focus is increasingly on the use of modern, environmentally compatible media and water, which place special demands on the sealing system and materials.


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