Hydropower and hydraulic steelwork

Goods and passenger transport on waterways and the trouble-free operation of hydropower plants are an important part of our modern infrastructure. We supply a wide range of components for this sector with its special requirements for durability and service life.

Backbone for energy supply and transport

Locks and ship lifts are an important part of our transport routes. And their smooth operation is the basis for our supply of goods of all kinds. We supply seals for bilge and flood systems, gate bearings, drive gears, wheel bearings on the lower/upper carriage and roller bearings for cable drives especially for this area. For use in hydropower, we supply radial shaft seals, static and inflatable seals, as well as sliding seal sets for guide vanes, rotary bearings and ball valves, main shut-off and shaft bearings.

The high demands in hydropower and hydraulic steel construction require particularly corrosion-resistant and robust materials. We supply special materials for almost all applications from the source to the mouth - and on the high seas. From seal sets for N2 piston accumulators to penstocks - from floating docks to dams.


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