Steel and Rolling Mills

Without steel and rolling mills, our modern life, architecture and vehicle construction would be unimaginable. We supply robust and friction-optimised products with long service life for the extreme conditions in heavy industry.

Robust components for extreme forces and highest temperatures

Tubes, bars and plates made of metal are the basis for almost our entire infrastructure from energy supply to buildings and for a multitude of everyday products. From high-strength steels to lightweight aluminium. Ever higher product speeds present man and machine with ever greater challenges. As a result, the service life of tried-and-tested sealing systems is steadily decreasing, as they are no longer able to cope with the ever-increasing demands.

Our answer is optimised sealing systems with the aim of minimising the downtimes of your production facilities. Among other things, we supply solutions for sealing oil film bearings and roller bearings, as are common for back-up and work rolls, as well as bearing and sealing elements for reels and all types of hydraulic systems, such as adjusting cylinders and rotary transmission leadthroughs. For maintenance, we offer split seals that can be joined on site by your staff.


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