are protective elements often used in the chemical industry, process plant engineering and mechanical engineering. They protect, for example, cardan joints, axially moved rods and machine parts from dirt, splash water, dust and weather.


Bellows serve as a protective element. They are available in a wide variety of materials, contours and geometries depending on the application, with both reinforcing washers and rings. The classic materials include CR, PVC, technical leather, PTFE, etc. Additional coatings for higher temperatures and special applications are possible.

Bellows can be equipped with a wide variety of connection options and can also be fixed with special clamps. Modular configurations (standard modules) are also available in certain dimensions.

Bellows to protect, for example, gear levers and joints against contamination and the weather.

Standard Material:
Elastomer, Elastomer/Fabric, PTFE, Leather

Modular Bellows to protect, for example, gear levers and Joits against contamination and the weather. Thanks to their modular design they are particularly suitable for flexible applications, e.g. in prototypes, for repairs or temporary use.


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