Flexible Separators

separate liquids from the environment hermetically and equalise fill levels in storage tanks. They protect fluids from dirt, moisture and oxidation and ensure longer service lives.

Flexible Separators

Flexible separators are used, among other things, in hydraulic systems and large transformers. They separate working media such as hydraulic and cooling fluids hermetically from surrounding foreign media and balance out level changes in the storage tank. The working media are protected from contamination, moisture and oxidation, which leads not only to an increased service life of the working media, but also to less environmental pollution.

Use underwater is also possible. Flexible separators are made of different materials or material combinations (fabric-reinforced elastomers and/or polyurethane) in dependence on the application and media. Various connections, fastenings and geometries – adapted to the conditions – are possible.

Flexible separators for balancing of filling levels in, for example, supply tanks in hydraulic systems and to protect media against contamination and oxidation.

Material on request.

Application Range
Temperature: -20 °C / +80 °C /temporarily to +100 °C)
Standard Material: elastomer/fabric

Other materials are available for very high or very low operating temperatures. For detailled information, please look at the specific PDF catalogue or contact our application engineers.


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